We live by values

Choose your own path

We frequently do things our own way and travel our own road. We do not just blindly follow the latest trends, instead preferring to set those trends from the beginning.

Do business using your own money

If we want to do things our own way, we can’t have anyone else deciding for us, can we? We guard our financial independence with our lives.


We also believe that most things can be made even simpler still. Whatever is not simple enough usually isn’t even right. And whatever isn’t properly simple is easy to mess up.

Maintain your roots

We were born in this country, do business here, and we want to return some of our success to it. Not only have we been supporting projects that help our country for almost 30 years now, we want to be closely associated with it nomatter where in the world we decide to do business.

Have a system

Continual improvement of key approaches prepares us better for the opportunities that lie ahead. In our culture, such disciplined and systematic work with the right people is a proven and long-term recipe for success.

Everything we do must be tasty

We work with food, meaning we have to savour our work too. And for us to enjoy our work, we have to be proud of the results. The rest will come itself, sooner of later.

Stay on top of things

Whatever we do, we take absolutely seriously. In spite of that, we keep a healthy sense of perspective when communicating our brands, helping us not take ourselves too seriously. All we insist on is quality work.

A sense for detail

Details are crucial for the result, which is why we devote our absolute attention and plenty of time to them. Because making sure that everything we do is fine-tuned to the smallest detail is important to us.

Are you our person?

„To make sure that people enjoy our food, always have it to hand, and are happy to have it again and again, we need to offer them products that they know and like and something new. Most important to us in all cases, however, are the quality and taste and the range in general.“


„Corporate values, if you like. There is no need for us to be quite as formal as that right now, but that changes nothing in terms of how important they are to us. Given that we work with food, we like saying that we need to savour everything we do. A bit of a play on words, perhaps, but you could use other words and it would still stand. Put simply, we have to enjoy our work: it must be meaningful and arouse the passion in us. Our customers will savour it all too as a result. In spite of all the enthusiasm, and the desire to achieve perfection to the very last detail, we do still want to keep a sense of perspective.“

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They also started in Crocodille

Check out the stories of those who have grabbed their chances and are on their way to success.


Pavel | 14 let

Any idea what you need to have to make a good baguette? A good mood. My name is Pavel. I am Production Manager at Crocodille and know what I am taking about. And that’s why I try to make sure that there is always a cheerful mood at production. Not that I would be telling jokes the whole time - I just want everyone in the team to know that we rely on them and that their work is meaningful. And that we won’t manage without being a cheerful team. That was obvious to me when I joined up as Quality Manager in 2009. Since then, I have moved on to the management of production and procurement processes, and above all the management of investments for the development and modernisation of the production plant. And that keeps me happy.


Martin | 9 let

My name is Martin, and this is my kingdom at Crocodille. Knowing your way around all those drawers might look like a chore, but it’s not that bad. There is no way round it anyway - I need it for my work. After all, I work at Crocodille as a maintenance man - foreman. That means I am here to make sure everything works. The machines in production and in offices, repairs, maintenance, and servicing. It’s a lot, but I enjoy it. And I have done since 2014, when I joined up as maintenance man - junior. I am happy when things run smoothly at the company and know that so many people’s work depends on it. One screw falling out can stop a whole line, and what then? No baguettes? Out of the question. So I do what I can to make sure there are no screws missing anywhere.