About Us

We work by the motto:
"Everything we do must be tasty!"

Over the past 28 years, Crocodille has built itself a strong position in each of the markets in which it operates, and is ranked among the leading manufacturers of packaged baguettes and sandwiches in Europe. Our facility in Žíželice nad Cidlinou is one of the most modern food production plants across the whole of Europe. Crocodille services more than 3600 customers comprised of retail chains, hypermarkets and supermarkets, filling stations, shops at transportation hubs, airport dining facilities, vending machine operators, and sports, cultural & entertainment venues.

Crocodille delivers to the majority of its customers directly. Crocodille has five distribution centers set up across three countries from which we distribute our fresh packaged products to our customers on a daily basis.

Please join us for a short tour of our production facility in Žiželice.


The Crocodille Company creates its own proprietary recipes for its bread. In our assortment you can find breads from wholegrain, rye, and barley flour. Some of our bread is enriched with pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, oat & barley flakes, and select products with high fiber content. At the same time we still ensure that absolutely everything we make must be tasty.

Our bakers form the dough into the desired shapes, allow it to proof, place cut marks across the top and then bake our bread.

Ingredient Preparation

Ingredient quality and freshness is inspected during the entire ingredient preparation process of slicing, grating, chopping, grinding, and mixing.


Food must not only taste good, but also look good. For this reason there is a large amount of work done by hand not only in our preparation of ingredients, but also on our packaging lines. The packaging is again finished by inspection. Every single product is inspected and you can find the name of the responsible Inspector right on the label of each product.


Our Drivers bring our wrapped products straight to our satisfied customers.